Update: YTL YES 4G Official Price with Rebates & YES Devices!!!

YES 4G Banner with Prices and Rates

YTL YES 4G update again.

So far, I still cannot find an official price plan for YES 4G.

Tried to access www.yes.my but cannot due to many people trying to access it at this time. So, I can only offer you the unofficial pricing of YTL’s YES 4G rates and prices

So far from what I read in the Internet, YTL is offering up to 30% rebate for your YES 4G data charges. For data usage totalling from 2.5GB and below, YTL will charge us 2.64 sen/RM0.0264 per MB. The prices will vary accordingly. The more you use, the cheaper the rate per MB will be. From 3GB data usage and above, the rate is 2.25 sem/RM0.0225 per MB and at 4GB and above, the rate is 2.10 sen.

The pricing is targetted at those who are on the go and mid-range bandwidth users. Those with heavy bandwidth usage, well, you will have to test whether the speed is really worth the $$$.

From www.yes.my, I managed to get the official price for YES devices.

Yes Devices: Yes Huddle, Mi-Fi Router

YES Huddle, a Mi-Fi router which can connects you up to 4 persons at one time is priced at RM399.

Yes Devices: Yes Go, a USB dongle, modem

YES Go, a USB modem is priced at RM99.

The rest of the devices are still not listed in the YES device page in their website and no official price yet. It seems that YES 4G is more geared towards to mobile internet and not home broadband.

You need to pay an one-time activation fees of RM50 and a minimum credit purchase of RM10 and we have to maintain a monthly usage of RM30. Talking about no contracts. There is a bump here but as long as the speed is 3-5X faster than 3G, then it’s a small issue. Heck, we are paying RM68 – RM99 to enjoy our 1.o MB speed, right?

After that, you must go to YES stores at Lot 10 or KL Sentral to purchase your YES device to use the YES 4G service. I am staying in Penang. So, I don’t think so that I will be able to get the YES device soon and to test out the speed. Anyone in KL who has done that, please leave your comment here together with the picture if possible.

And ya, you can reload your YES 4G credits in amounts from RM10, RM20, RM30, RM50 and RM100. You make payment in their website via credit card, debit card or direct debit from your banks online.

That’s all for now. Will keep you updated!

What’s your say?

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6 Responses

  1. wat is that black thing?

  2. It’s a Mi-Fi router. It’s like a wireless wi-fi but it uses your mobile internet data. This YES 4G Huddle allows you to connect up to 4 people.

  3. jelee says:

    After paying for the one time activation fee of RM50 and a minimum credit purchase of RM10, we still need to buy the YES device to use the YES 4G service?

  4. johnkhor says:

    Yes. Very true. That’s why I really hope that YES 4G will open a store here in Penang!!! Or maybe YES 4G will be generous to give me a review unit and account. Then I can publish the speed and make a fair review.

  5. Jason says:

    the speed is ok….only quite difficult to connect to get the IP….need to try 10 times every time i connect.

  6. Thanakaran says:

    Im using yes huddle..i get this yes huddle b4 20 days.but even one day also i cannot use.my huddle keep blinking red light.i try call customer service also no point..waste my fon creadit only.how can i use yes huddle.

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