You Can Pre-Register for Blackberry Q10 With Celcom NOW & Get A Lot of Goodies & Blackberry 10 OS Update!!!

Celcom's Pre-registration Blackberry Q10 In Malaysia

Good news for those who are looking to buy Blackberry Q10! You can now pre-register your unit with Celcom. The official launch date for Blackberry Q10 in Malaysia is on next Wednesday, 15 May 2013. The RRP for Blackberry Q10 is RM2,388 which is a premium price to pay for compared with other options available. Still, Blackberry fans will not mind, right?

There are a lot of goodies for those of you who pre-register your Blackberry Q10 with Celcom:

  1. A RM299 worth Bluetooth speaker
  2. RM200 rebate, credited to your account RM20 x 10 months.

You can collect your unit from 2 selected outlets for each states, namely Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor.

Here is the list of main specs of BlackBerry Q10

  1. A dual-core 1.5Ghz processor.
  2. 3.1″ Super AMOLED display, 720 X 720 pixels.
  3. 2GB RAM.
  4. 16GB storage.
  5. 5MP rear camera.
  6. A 2MP front camera.
  7. Full QWERTY keyboard.
  8. 2,100 mAh battery.

A quite impressive specs for a Blackberry. Good news for business executives who love the old school QWERTY keyboard.

If you are interested to register for the device, click here for Celcom’s pre-registration page.

And oh ya, Blackberry pushes its first ever update to its Blackberry 10 OS. The Philippines are the first to receive the updates and more countries are to follow suit. Just keep checking on the OS update area and be prepared to use WiFi to download it as it is very big – around 1GB.

Blackberry 10 OS 10.1 Update

Below is the list of new features for the 10.1 Blackberry OS update:

  • HDR option for taking photos
  • PIN to PIN messaging now available and present in the BlackBerry Hub
  • APN editing is now enabled (Though this may remain carrier based)
  • ‘Highlights” for text such as word correction on the keyboard are now green, instead of blue
  • ‘Text Picker’ has been improved, now allows for easily moving left and right between letters easier
  • Sharing menu is now black, just like on the BlackBerry Q10
  • New help demos and walkthroughs after initial boot
  • Select All for broadcast messages is now available
  • Ability to turn off alerts for specific applications
  • Easier to check for updates in BlackBerry World
  • Phone can be fully unlocked at lock screen now by the power button
  • BlackBerry World now has options for coupon redemption
  • Pasting of phone numbers directly into dialpad
  • Installed apps can be opened from with BlackBerry World (No longer shows ‘installed’ now shows ‘open’)

Enjoy your new update, Blackberrys. 🙂

What’s your say? Berry good?


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