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iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 iOS 4.0.1 Update 0

iOS 4.0.1 Is OUT!

I have just noticed that iPhone iOS 4.0.1 update is available after my girfriend informed me yesterday. Both of us are very sceptical about it.

Mc Donald's GCB Burger 5

McDonald’s GCB Burger!

After countless advertisements of McDonald’s Great Chicken Burger, finally I can’t resist it and bought it for dinner with my girlfriend.


A 5 year-old blind pianist from Korea

This is a very motivational and inspirational video that makes me cry in awe and respect whenever I watch it. She is Yoo Ye Eun, a pianist from Korea. She is blind since she was born. She has absolute pitch and started to play piano since 3 years old. God knows how to make people understand his Mightiness. I am impressed. The video clip from a reality show in Korea, called Star King was simply touching.

Haagan Dazs & J.Co Mini Donuts 0

One of Our Movie Nights!

I love movie nights. It helps me to relax my minds and refocus my energy and concentration.

Many of my friends usually spend their movie nights at Golden Screen Cinemas but not us.

We prefer to spend our movie nights at our own cosy home. Haha… You can say that we are a boring couple but I insist that spending your movie nights at home is better than queuing up for tickets and snacks, walking out with many people and queuing up again to pay parking tickets and finally stuck in parking area., right? I agree that once in a while, we should go fot moviea at cinema but not always. It’s expensive…