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Dinner buffet desserts review @ Palms Restaurant, Hydro Hotel Penang 5 2

Review: Hydro Hotel Batu Ferringhi, Penang Part IV: Dinner Buffet (Desserts & Conclusion)

So, overall, Hydro Hotel dinner buffet is a must try if you like hotel buffets. There are many variety of foods and many kinds of desserts. There are roughly around 80 kinds of food. I really liked the BBQ section and also the desserts section.

Palms Restaurant @ Hydro Hotel Penang, Malaysia
Miami Beach, Batu Ferringhi 11100 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel No: +604-8905999 ext 170
GPS: 5° 28′ 41.64″ N, 100° 16′ 4.62″ E

Nikon D7000 Purchase Review 6 3

Our 1st DSLR!!! Nikon D7000!!!

Finally… Our 1st DSLR!

17/11/2010. I will never forget this day. It is the day we purchased our 1st DSLR. It’s a Nikon D7000.

After waiting for so long for Nikon D7000 to come to Malaysia especially Penang, I became stunted and undecided. It’s like you can’t believe it that you can buy it now. Suddenly, I was worried whether it is a wise purchase as we seldom buy things when they are first launched.

Google Analytics: hits 4348 pageviews a day 6

My Pageviews Per Day passed 4000 mark & Unique Visitors Per Day passed 2000 mark!!! has reached another milestone! 4348 pageviews a day and 2366 absolute unique visitors a day. I am a super duper happy boy!!! Thank you very much! ありがとう! 谢谢! Salamat! Terima Kasih! Je vous remercie! Vielen Dank! Grazie! 감사합니다! Obrigado! Спасибо! Gracias! Tack! ขอบคุณ! Cảm ơn bạn!


Clash of the Titans: YES 4G vs Maxis vs Digi vs Celcom vs U Mobile

The aftermath of YTL’s YES 4G Official Launching.

There has been a mixed reactions from various groups of people. Some said YES to YES, some said NO to YES. Hell, some even created a Facebook fan page to say NO to YES.

So, after all the hoo-hahs and hype, it’s time to sit back and digest all the facts that have been given.

Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia @ Sea Lounge, Hydro Hotel Penang 1 0

Review: Hydro Hotel Batu Ferringhi, Penang Part III: Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia!

Halfway enjoying our dinner buffet, we were told that the Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia are coming.
We rushed to the lobby and waited for their arrival. While waiting, we took pictures of the models who will be ushering the Ferrari owners.
Coconut drinks are served. Not for us! It’s for the Ferrari owners. T_T
Finally, we knew that the Ferraris were here because the sound of their engine and exhaust pipe were so loud that it could deafen your ears.