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White iPhone 4 DiGi 1

White iPhone 4 kambing soon to Malaysia @ DiGi!!!

Even before Apple made it official, DiGi has opened Registration of Interest (ROI) for white iPhone 4. 🙂 DiGi, always the smarter choice. Even smarter than Apple, Maxis & Celcom to capture the iPhone & smartphone market in Malaysia.

White iPhone 4- @ DiGi ROI

iPad 2 Apple Store 4

It’s April 20, 2011 already. Still no news of iPad 2 in Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea?

Today is April, 20 2011. And there’s still no news of Apple iPad 2 launch in Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea. What is happening, Apple?

The latest news about iPad 2 from outside of United States is that Apple Store in India showed a link ‘Buy Now’ recently and later has been changed back to ‘Notify Me, causing Appe fanboys in India to have temporary erectile dysfunction. 😛

Motorola Xoom ROI by Maxis 2

ROI for Motorola Xoom is available for Maxis!

Yup. You can now do a Registration of Interest (ROI) for Motorola Xoom through Maxis website.

Soon after launching HTC Flyer, Maxis opens ROI for Motorola Xoom. Isn’t this amazing? Maxis is certainly doing a lot of work to bring all the amazing gadgets into Malaysia. No news about other telcos doing any launching of new gadgets except maybe Celcom might be bringing in RIM’s tablet, Playbook.

Maxis HTC Flyer tablet price 1

RM199 for HTC Flyer from Maxis?

HTC Flyer, as low as RM199 with Maxis.

Yeah. It’s real. There’s even a Youtube video of Maxis Chief Operation Officer (COO), Jean Pascal Van Oberveke verifying this news.