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Having ‘Bedroom’ Problems??? Check out BE BRAVE Campaign by A. Menarini!!! was approached by an agency to blog about a ‘bedroom’ issue which I believe many will think of ‘mati pucuk’ (male impotence in Malay language) or in a more scientific term, erectile dysfunction. It is not about erectile dysfunction but another more prevalent ‘bedroom’ issue that affects even more men or to be exact 1 in 3 men in across Asia Pacific [1]. That issue is called as premature ejaculation (PE). I was hesitant at first and finally I decided to blog about it since it might be helpful to my readers and serves as a community service to my readers.

Gartien's 2014 Mid Autumn Limited Edition Packaging & Special Promotion (4) 0

Gartien’s 2014 Mid Autumn Limited Edition Packaging & Special Promotion!!!

As of today, you might start to see many make-shift stalls in major shopping malls starting to sell the annual mooncakes. If you wish to buy something special and different for this year’s mooncake festival, you can try Gartien’s specially made packaging for this mooncake festival. It is not only a limited edition design but also limited boxes only. Only 2000 boxes will be produced with this special design. Gotta be quick to order if you want. 🙂


Turn Your Photos into Prints Easily Using Printit App by Tribeup!!!

Have thousands and thousands of photos in your smartphones, your computer hard disk and external hard disks that you rarely view? How long have you touched a printed photo before? Driving to a nearby photo shop is troublesome? With the advancement of technology, many of us prefer to store our memories in soft copy format and have forgotten the excitement and pleasure of having a set of printed photos. Well, these are not problems anymore. Tribeup, a promising Penang startup has come up with a great solution for this. They call it as Printit.

Official Launching of TGV Gurney Paragon & Guinness Record Attempt of 'The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Spider-Man'! (16) 1

Official Launching of TGV Gurney Paragon & Guinness Record Attempt of ‘The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Spider-Man’!

This is’s 2nd invitation for première screening of movie and my 1st time’s invitation for TGV Cinemas’ official launching for the newest cineplex in Penang, Malaysia! TGV Cinemas has prepared a lot of activities for this official launching of TGV Gurney Paragon. They have prepared for the medias and bloggers TGV IMAX Trivial Challenge, Spiderman Posing Photo Session, some refreshments and most attractive one which is the première screening of The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of the Electro movie in IMAX 3D!