White iPhone 4 is finally here in Malaysia!!!

Well, I have been iPad2-ed. I know I have been missing for 1 week++ dee. It’s all because of iPad 2. It’s just too addictive. I have been exploring the iPad 2 for one week and now I am back. I am preparing the iPad 2 review and will be up soon.

Even though I am missing, I am still reading about our local telecommunication new using my new toy, iPad 2.

The highlight of the week is white iPhone 4. It’s been launched this week by our three main telco operators, namely, Maxis, DiGi and Celcom.

White iPhone 4 Maxis

A beautiful design from Maxis. Looks simple and perfect.

Celcom iPhone 4

Celcom’s design looks a bit down. Not colourful enough. Tried to look cool but turned out to be not so cool.

DiGi iPhone 4

Looks good and vibrant. Very active and nice.

Well, one thing weird is that only Maxis that promotes white iPhone 4 in their website. DiGi, after their kambing-soon.com advertisement, does not promote the white iPhone 4. This is weird. Spending so much money in advertising it and then let Maxis cut them and sell white iPhone 4 first. Just my 2 cents. And ya, DiGi offers RM200 rebate for any iPhone 4 plan signups until 16 May 2011.

By they way, white iPhone 4 might boost some sales for iPhone 4 especially Celcom. Here’s the Celcom’s iPhone 4 plans.

Celcom iPhone 4 call plan

So, anyone got their white iPhone 4? Or did anyone sell their black iPhone 4 just to get the white one? Or are you planning to get iPhone 5? I predict that iPhone 5 will come to Malaysia around December 2011 or January 2011.

What’s your say?


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2 Responses

  1. apple says:

    hey there,
    u have any idea on the Digi easy payment plan?? iDiGi 88
    36months 16gb RM102.58/month
    “EPP 36 months: includes the iPhone + 24 months monthly fee + 6% service tax, over 36 months. From Month 25 (Year 3) onwards, normal monthly fee will be charged in the DiGi bill.”
    which means how much i paid for the iphone4??

  2. johnkhor says:

    @apple: you really liked white color. Haha. Previously not using iPhone? I am waiting for iPhone 5. My prediction when iPhone 5 will come to Malaysia is around Dec 2011.

    Actually, it’s kinda hard to reply you in words. I tried to do the maths but got confused too. Actually currently DiGi iDiGi plan is only RM63. If you subscribe to Auto-Billing it will become RM58. So RM88 plan – RM63, you get a saving of RM25 for 24 months. So you get to save RM25 X 24months = RM600. Plus with RM200 rebate if you sign up now, so you get a total of RM800 savings. So, your 16GB iPhone 4 is RM2,290 – RM800 = RM1,490.

    A nice way to make you feel that you are paying cheap for the monthly plan but kinda expensive for the phone, compared to Maxis but for me kind of the same. A reminder, after 24 months, your monthly plan is RM88, not RM58 anymore.

    The EPP is don’t quite understand. I tried the maths but it didn’t get the correct answer. [RM2,090 (iPhone 4) + [RM2,090 X 6%] (6% service tax) + (RM63 (monthly plan) X 24 Months)] / 36 months(EPP period). I get this, RM103.58, quite near but not correct. You might need to call DiGi Customer Service.

    Hope I can help a bit. 🙂

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