White iPad 2, anyone?

With 3 days before Apple ‘iPad 2’ Media Event, the rumor mill started again. This time, they claim that Apple might be launching a white iPad 2.

White iPad 2 front bezel

Rumored white iPad 2 front bezel.

I’ve always like white color and if this is true, then white is certainly better than the common black. But, I doubt that iPad 2 will come in white as previously Apple had issues with white iPhone 4 due to the color process. Hopefully Apple will solve this color process issues quickly so that we can have white iPhones and white iPads.

The iPad 2 is rumored to be thinner, faster and has two cameras and will work in both GSM and CDMA networks. And same day availability of iPad 2 on the Apple event day itself might not be possible as there is no news of shipments of iPad 2.

Usually there will be a lot of leaked information or rumors prior to Apple’s event and this is one of it. Will it be true? 3 more days and the whole world will have the answer. 🙂

Will keep all of you updated with the latest news of iPad 2. Stay tuned!

What’s your say?


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