Should I Buy Black or White iPad 2? WiFi or with 3G? 16GB or 64GB?

iPad 2 black & white

Now that the official price and launch date of iPad 2 have been announced, it’s time to think of which color and what model of iPad 2 to buy.

Now, before I start, I must say that my suggestions are solely based on my opinion and they might not suit you because our needs are different. If you think otherwise, please comment ya!

Black or White?

Let’s start with the color first. Black or White? Michael Jackson anyone? Haha 🙂

This is a very controversial question. Which color is better? Black or White? Or what about both? Haha 😛

I have been reading on the Internet about which color to buy. Well, some suggest that girls should get white with pink Smart Cover and boys should get black with leather Smart Cover. Do you think so? Well, it has some point too.

Actually white will certainly be in most people’s mind because it stands out and it’s different. That’s why some people pay a premium just to get the elusive white iPhone 4.

Yes, I am going for white iPad 2 too. Some might say that for better viewing of movies and photos, black will be the most ideal. Black frame will make the content stands out and more contrast. But I beg to differ as my girlfriend has MacBook white and she has no problem watching videos and viewing photos with white frames. And white has an advantage where fingerprints and dusts are not that visible. With black, everything seems obvious.

WiFi or 3G?

The answer is pretty obvious. I suggest WiFi only because who wants to pay extra for the  extra few hours of convenience. I mean with so many cafes and restaurants providing free WiFi, why must you go for 3G. Moreover, our 3G speed is just nice only, depending on certain places.

Of course, unless you are a social media freak or someone who has to be connected to the Internet 24/7. Even so, I will still not recommend you to get the 3G iPad 2.

You can use that extra RM400 to buy Yes 4G Huddle (YES MiFi, RM399) and buy their data plan because Yes 4G is damn fast and it’s cheaper than what Maxis, DiGi and Celcom have to offer. And you might say that iPad 2 3G has GPS. Yes, it’s a nice feature to have but do you really need it?

If you already have iPhone 4, then you no need to consider the 3G option as you can turn your iPhone 4 in WiFi Hotspot for your iPad 2 to use.

16GB, 32GB or 64GB?

Last question. How much storage do I need? For me, I will be a bit more cautious as iPad 2 doesn’t have expandable storage. I will prefer to fork out extra RM300 for the extra 16GB just in case I have a lot of things to store in iPad 2.

iPad 2 16GB is actually very enough for average users with emails, a lot of apps, photos and some videos but in a world of increasing apps, music and videos, I believe you need at least 32GB. And if you will be doing a lot videos with iPad 2 camera, a photographer/videographer or love to put all your music and video library in iPad 2, then you should buy iPad 2 64GB. Some photographers or videographers who use iPad 2 as  the platform to showcase their portfolios find that 64GB is not even enough and they are demanding 128GB.


Color is based on your preference. White is special and stands out from the crowd of tablets. Everyone will know that you have iPad 2 if you choose white. Fingerprints, smudges or dusts will now look obvious with white.

Black is cool but ubiquitious. Black will make your iPad 2 look normal and  no different  than other tablets. Black makes your display look brighter and has better contrast.

The choice for WiFi or 3G is very personal. You need to understand your needs before making any decision. I personal don’t use Internet most of the time and a Personal Hotspot/MiFi will be enough for me. I am quite attracted to the GPS but I can’t justify the extra RM400. If you have a lot of cash, feel free to buy the 3G. 🙂

32GB or more is a must because videos are going full high defination, games are getting more complex and beautiful, apps are getting better and more advanced. You might be using the camera more often. Just to be safe, get 32GB or 64GB. Don’t settle on 16GB only.

So, for my own choice, I will be getting a white iPad 2 32GB WiFi only.

What’s your say?

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9 Responses

  1. Tarun Dham says:

    made my decision black 32 gb wi fi only with blue smart cover how bout u???

  2. apple says:

    hey, i got mine on the 1st day launch..
    n i bought 32gb white with pink smart cover, bingo~!

  3. johnkhor says:

    @apple: i went to queue at switch gurney plaza at 915am++ and I was the last 3 customers who got the white iPad 2. Great minds think alike. I got white 32GB too. Apple, can you help me a favor? Pls let me know your experience with the Smart Cover… I heard that it can accumulate dust. Is it nice? I was planning to get one until I saw a review saying that it’s not worthwhile. Pls advise. I will be going to Switch to buy one iPad 2 casing soon. Thanks. And also thanks for coming back to my blog to comment. Appreciate it.

  4. apple says:

    wow! u r so lucky~ i went to mid valley Machines, Q at 7am, around 50 ppl in front of me, then when it open, n waiting others to get theirs, until my turn is already 11.30am, i have put on a HD anti-glare screen protector, RM123, must b HD if not the “only anti-glare” will make it look blur.

    btw, one of the reason tat made me bought ipad2 was the smart cover, i love it, thy said it accumulate dust coz it helped to clear the dust on the screen when u closed it, so u need to clean the cover once in a while… but the only thing is not smart enuf is, i couldnt find any back cover for it, coz if i did, the smart cover cannot be magnetic anymore…. =_=||| so my fren bought “Ozaki iCoat Versatile Horizontal cover” instead of smart cover.

    so now, i got to buy another “casing” for it, jz to protect from scratches when i throw it into my messy bag… haih….

    but anyway, i believe soon or after, they will come out something for the back cover which allow me to put smart cover at the same time. it is so cool with the smart cover, especially when i watch movie with my bf on the flight. ^_^

  5. johnkhor says:

    @apple: hey thanks for the lengthy reply. Really appreciated that. Wah, iPad 2 response in KL damn good. I reached Gurney Plaza at 915am only around 30ppl.

    About the Smart Cover, I am not buying it cos as you have mentioned it can’t cover the back of iPad 2 which is a big issues for me cos I am quite careless with gadgets.

    Anyhow, I am still looking for iPad 2 casings. Saw many but none sparked my interest. Still, I like the concept of Smart Cover. Very cool and nice to use. Enjoy!!!

  6. apple says:

    hey, i think u should get smart cover as they r coming out with the back cover to compatible wit the smart cover o~ ^_^ i m waiting for it..
    check tis out…

  7. johnkhor says:

    hey, really thanks for being so helpful. I am touched. 🙂

    I am still waiting for it also. I read that in Singapore, the back cover that’s compatible with the Smart Cover is selling like hot cakes and usually out of stock. I am not sure when it will come to Malaysia. I heard that more iPad 2 case will come in June.

  8. apple says:

    hey, i found it in facebook, there is 1 selling online, he based in penang, n i have ordered from him, waiting for the stock to arrive now.
    anything, u can refer this page –>

    is ok, jz a sharing~ ^_^

  9. johnkhor says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing also.

    I am checking it out. Now still working, might consider it tonight. 🙂

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