[RUMOUR] iPad 3 to have HD Display, LTE, Quad-Core Processor, Longer Battery Life & will be available in March 2012

According to Bloomberg, iPad 3 will have high-definition display, LTE network, a quad-core processor and expected to go on sale this March 2012, citing three people familiar with the product.

One of the sources said that Apple’s manufacturing partners in Asia are ramping up production for iPad 3 and plan to go full volumes by February. Some factories are running 24 hours a day to prepare for the launch of iPad 3 this coming March 2012.

One of the sources also said that iPad 3 will have more pixels in its screen than some high-definition televisions and its pixels are small enough to make images look like printed material.

This is also Apple’s first major hardware launching since the the its founder, Steve Jobs passed away in October 2011.

I believe that Apple need put extra effort in their upcoming devices, be it iPad 3 or iPhone 5. Android is maturing and Samsung, Nokia & Amazon are coming up and yet Apple has not done anything extraordinary yet, well maybe Siri?

iPhone 4S is not something to shout about and many are turning their back from Apple to go to Android because of this. I, myself have changed to Android and kinda love it and will go for iPhone 5 ONLY if there are are major overhaul.

Besides all the hardware upgrades, I hope that Apple will come out with something special. Well, let’s hope that Apple will ‘Think Different’ this time. 😛

What’s your say?

P/S: Will Yes 4G bundle its data plan with iPad 3, since iPad 3 is rumored to have LTE technology? I believe many will love the combination.


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