Official Price for the New iPad (3rd Generation, iPad 3) in Malaysia!!!

The New iPad 2012

Finally, the official price list for the new iPad (iPad 3) models are out. As usual, will keep you all update with the latest happenings especially the launch dates and official prices for for Apple products in Malaysia.

Just a while ago, Machines, an Apple reseller in Malaysia has just announce the official price list for all new iPad (iPad 3) models. Here are the price list:

New iPad (iPad 3) 16GB WiFi RM1,499
New iPad (iPad 3) 32GB WiFi RM1,799
New iPad (iPad 3) 64GB WiFi RM2,099

New iPad (iPad 3) 16GB WiFi+4G RM1,899
New iPad (iPad 3) 32GB WiFi+4G RM2,199
New iPad (iPad 3) 64GB WiFi+4G RM2,499

Exactly the same as previous year and also previous previous year. Well, that’s good news as you are paying the same price but with better specs.

Just in case you are curious, you cannot use the 4G or LTE in your new iPad (iPad 3) in Malaysia. The 4G technology is currently not applicable in Malaysia as none of the telcos in Malaysia are supporting it. So, it’s still 3G for Malaysia and based on the speed of our telcos upgrade, it might take a while for us to be able to use 4G or LTE in the new iPad (iPad 3). Maybe until the newer iPad (iPad 4) comes out? 😛

Anyway, are you queuing it up tonight to be the first fews to get the new iPad (iPad 3)?

If you are not willing to queue and can wait for a few more days, you can order online for Apple Store Malaysia and you can get free engraving.

What’s your say?

8 Responses

  1. John Khor says:

    Thanks for the like Annie Tsai 🙂 Xie xie ni. 🙂

  2. Hong C. Wern says:

    woooh..same price but still not feasible in could be hell lot more cheaper if we compare the price and packages with other countries..speaking of those who want a portion of the profit..well u know what i mean..hehe

  3. johnkhor says:

    Haha… I got your meaning!!! Seems you heard something about that too. Yeah, I heard from Apple resellers employees talking about that too. Haihzz..

  4. says:

    wow! with 4g xtra 500 O.O

    I’m satisfied with my ipad2 currently though ;D

    1st time visit your blog! like you clean layout and pine picture !

  5. johnkhor says:

    Thanks for your kind comments. Happy to have you here. Hope you will visit my blog more often. Your kind comment is what motivates me to blog more often. Thanks!!!

  6. says:

    you’re welcome john 😉

    as bloggers, we all shud always visit each other to show support 😉

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