iPhone 5 Official Price in Malaysia & Launch Date & iPad Mini Official Price in Malaysia!

First of all, johnkhor.com is really sorry for being missing for the past 2 months. johnkhor.com went to China to source product for his upcoming business venture. Thank God that the trip to China was very smooth and successful and now johnkhor.com is so busy with his new shop until johnkhor.com missed his usual habit of blogging about the official price for Apple new product launches.

iPad Mini and iPad 4 or called as iPad with Retina Display by Apple were launched last two days without much fanfare, overshadowed by the launch of the much awaited iPhone 5. This time, we get the latest iPhone later than India. Is Malaysia being marginalized by Apple? 🙁 The official launch date of iPhone 5 in Malaysia is on 14th Dec 2012, just a day before my birthday! *wink wink* Readers, you know what to do right? Get me an iPhone 5 for my birthday and make it a memorable one. Haha *still dreaming* 🙂

Here are the official prices of iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad Retina Display (iPad 4).

iPhone 5 (Black & Slate/White & Silver)

iPhone 5 16GB – RM2,199
iPhone 5 32GB – RM2,499
iPhone 5 64GB – RM2,799

iPad Mini (Black/White)

iPad Mini 16GB WiFi only model – RM999
iPad Mini 32GB WiFi only model – RM1,299
iPad Mini 64GB WiFi only model – RM1,599

iPad Mini 16GB WiFi + 3G model – RM1,399
iPad Mini 32GB WiFi + 3G model – RM1,699
iPad Mini 64GB WiFi + 3G model – RM1,999

iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4) (Black/White)

iPad 4 16GB WiFi only model – RM1,499
iPad 4 32GB WiFi only model – RM1,799
iPad 4 64GB WiFi only model – RM2,099

iPad 4 16GB WiFi + 3G model – RM1,899
iPad 4 32GB WiFi + 3G model – RM2,199
iPad 4 64GB WiFi + 3G model – RM2,499

That’s it. I am definitely not getting an iPhone 5 as it’s nothing revolutionary compared with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SGN2) or Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X+. I am much more inclined towards Galaxy Note 2. 🙂

About iPad Mini, if you don’t really need a 7-inch tablet now, then I suggest that you wait for another year for iPad Mini with Retina Display or for simplicity sake, just call it as iPad Mini HD or iPad Mini 2. It’s much more worth your money as the display is not up to par and you know that next year they will definitely bump up the display.

iPad 4? If you still haven’t bought a tablet, just go ahead and buy it. It’s so worth your money now. And if you are still with the original iPad, just go ahead and buy it. The 5MP camera will definitely make your notes photographing or just photographing much better. And do remember to stick to bigger size storage as the photos will take up a lot of space. My wife who is using the iPad 2 with 16GB which I won through a contest is complaining that the storage is too small. So, if you really have the extra money, just go ahead with 64GB. Another thing to note is that white or black does not affect your viewing pleasure so much, so just buy the color you like. I have white iPad 2 and my wife is using black iPad 2. No problem viewing photos or videos.

That’s all. Head on to your favorite telco provider to pre-order your iPhone 5 or Apple Store or Apple Resellers to get your iPad Mini or iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4). The links are below:

Maxis iPhone 5
DiGI iPhone 5
Celcom iPhone 5

Apple Online Store for iPad Mini or iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4)

What’s your say? Getting any of above soon?

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2 Responses

  1. Jason Cheng says:

    It’s great to hear that Iphone 5 is launching in Malaysia. But could I asking that when will Ip5 be available in Malaysia apple website? So that we don’t have to buy the phone with contract. Thanks.

  2. johnkhor says:

    Hi, Jason. Thanks for visiting my blog. It should be on the same day of the launching. So, do check out Malaysia Apple’s website on that day. 🙂

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