iPhone 4 is here in Malaysia already!!!

Maxis Digi iPhone 4

Which one you will go with iPhone 4? Digi or Maxis?

Yup. iPhone 4 is here in Malaysia already for Registeration of Interest for both Maxis and Digi. If you are interested to register, click here for Maxis’ and here for Digi’s.

iPhone 4 Black

When will iPhone 4 come to Malaysia? September 2010?

Caught your attention, right? Haha.

iPhone 4 Interior

Interior of iPhone 4

Sorry, iPhone 4 is still not launching in Malaysia right now albeit all the rumours in lowyat forum and techie and gadgets blogs.

When will iPhone 4 comes to Malaysia? I predict that iPhone 4 will come around September 2010. What is your say?

I am still waiting for the launching of iPhone 4.

At the mean time, let’s enjoy this banned iPhone 4 Promo Video. It’s very funny.

Update: iPhone 4 already launched in September 2010. Read this post for more information.

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