iPhone 5G/iPhone 4S rumored phone design?

Well, Apple future products always create buzz and rumors. This is the latest one about iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S design.

Consistent with what the Internet says about the upcoming iPhone 5/iPhone 4S, the design of the phone will remain the same like iPhone 4 only with better camera (8 megapixel), A5 processor chip and minor cosmetic changes. The rumored minor cosmetic changes could be this:

iPhone 5G case from Alibaba

A new Chinese case design found on Alibaba, a business to business (B2B) site, rumored to be for ‘iPhone 5G’.

This is what the website says about the iPhone 5G casing:

1.100% brand new high quality crystal case for iPhone 5G.
2. Provides a comfortable grip, added protection against accidental drops.
3. Perfectly fits the iPhone 5G, easy to insert and remove.

We are talking about iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S and suddenly we have iPhone 5G. This is way overboard. So, please don’t buy the iPhone 5G idea. :-p

The design look awfully bad and doesn’t reflect the cool design of Apple products. I certainly hope that iPhone 5 will be something like that. One thing to note is that the rear camera flash has been moved to the right. This is consistent with another Apple-related website, Apple.pro. says about the iPhone 5 design.

iPhone 5 rumored cosmetic changes

Apple.pro iPhone 5 rear camera structure

The above picture show the difference between iPhone 4 rear camera and rumored iPhone 5 rear camera. iPhone 5 rear camera will not have attached flash. This strengthens the fact that iPhone 5 will have flash located separately from the camera. With this design, it will make the photos taken look more natural and better.

I prefer this mock-up design of iPhone 5. Looked much more sleek and cool.

Rumored iPhone 5 design with aluminium casing

What’s your say?


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