iPad Malaysia prices slashed after iPad 2 announcement!

iPad Malaysia price slashed

iPad price in Malaysia slashed.

Yup, after the announcement of iPad 2, the price of iPad in Malaysia has been slashed. The price for the basic 16GB WiFi only iPad is RM1199. That’s RM350 discount. All WiFi only  iPad models have RM350 discount.

The price of 16GB WiFi + 3G iPad model is even more worthwhile at the price of RM1599. Last time, a basic 16GB WiFi only iPad model costs RM1549. Now, with additional RM50 you can get the 16GB WiFi + 3G iPad model. All WiFi + 3G iPad models have RM400 discount.

If you really don’t mind the new features of iPad 2, then you can go ahead and purchase it as it’s cheaper and you can have it right now.

Now, the new owners of iPad 2 will have the last laugh or will the owners of iPad 3 have the last laugh? Still, when will iPad 2 launch in Malaysia & Singapore and what will the price of iPad 2 in Malaysia & Singapore?

What’s your say?

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6 Responses

  1. wong says:

    When IPad 2 arrive malaysia ?

  2. johnkhor says:

    It’s either this Fri, April 22 2011 or next week April 29, 2011 or May 6, 2011. These are speculations only but has some basis. Let’s hope it’s true!!!

  3. fyta says:

    i think low yatt have it since last weekend la…saw it n touch it..AWESOME!

  4. johnkhor says:

    @fyta: haha. I am going to purchase iPad 2 tomorrow!!! Hopefully I am able to purchase iPad 2. Wish me luck. 🙂

  5. Hamunaptra82 says:

    Hello. I want a buy 50 pcs iPAD 2 64Gb 3G+wifi. What a price. Payment metod only COD!!! hamunaptra@ukr.net

  6. johnkhor says:

    Hi Hamunaptra82,

    I am not the supplier for iPad 2. Go to China and get it from Foxconn. 🙂

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