[Solution] iPad 2 Both Home Button and On/Off Button Not Working At All!

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johnkhor.com woke up with a live nightmare. Both my iPad 2 home button and on/off button not working at all.

Here’s the situation:

I used my iPad 2 until I slept. And I woke up and tried to press the home button to check what time it is. Nothing except black screen. I thought it was out of battery already. Continue to do my daily routine. After that, brought my iPad 2 to charge and as I plug the charger to iPad 2, the lock screen showed and I saw the battery is 64%. That’s weird, I thought.

I continue to let it charge. Then after a while, I came back to check something in my iPad 2 and to my horror, the home button does not respond. Then, I quickly press the on/off button and it doesn’t respond also. At that moment, I thought that my iPad 2 died on me already. πŸ™

Luckily, there’s a trick to make your iPad alive again, by just unplugging the charger. As you unplug that, the lock screen is back and I sighed relief. I quickly unlock it and I can see my iPad icons. Hooray! This means that the iPad 2 is not dead yet. Then, I quickly go to the settings and activate assistive touch under ‘Accessibility’ Β in the ‘General’. I tried to press the ‘Home’ icon in the Assistive Touch but to no avail. I am desperate already. I cannot go out from Settings, rendering the iPad 2 useless. Luckily I remembered Quick Gesture and using my five fingers I manage to get out from Settings and into the Homepage. Thank God!

I tried to Google this problem and usually they only show home button problem. So, I hope this is iOS 7 software glitch. Googled but no relevant result also. At that time, I am afraid to let the battery finish and see whether it can restart. I am afraid the on/off button does not work and I will lose the iPad 2. Then suddenly I remembered, if you are using the iPad and suddenly the battery is finished, then the iPad will restart itself when you charge it to certain amount of battery. Yay!

Here’s the solutions that I figured out to solve this home button and on/off button not working problem.

1. Let the battery finish by playing videos or setting the brightness to the highest! And after the iPad’s battery finished, charge it. And after the iPad restarts itself, hooray! The home button and on/off work like normal again!

2. I found another solution without needing to press the on/off button to restart your iPad by just going to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Bold Text. Enable that and iPad will prompt you that it will restart to enable this function. Voila! Your iPad restarts itself without you pressing the on/off button. πŸ™‚ I tried this on iOS7, not sure iOS 6 and below will work! πŸ™‚ So, there is a way to restart your iPad without needing to press the on/off button.

What’s your say?

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  1. johnkhor says:

    Hi Alvin,

    Hahaha… Need to save cost. πŸ™‚ Luckily fixed

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