iPad 2 with 1.2Ghz CPU, Camera, Thunderbolt Port, Bluetooth?

Last minute leaked information about iPad 2 within hours before Apple Media Event:

iPad 2 Amazon Germany listing rumor

YourDailyApple managed to capture the picture above before the iPad 2 link been removed from Amazon Germany listing. This suggests to us that iPad 2 might have the features below:

– 9.7-Inch Display
– 1.2GHz CPU (Dual-core?)
– 3G
– Wi-Fi
– Thunderbolt Port
– Camera
– Bluetooth
– Available from March 17 onwards

So, there will be no retina display for iPad 2? 🙁 No exact information about the rear camera megapixel also. Never mind. The Apple Media Event in will start in a few minutes time. Let’s wait and see. 😛

What’s your say?


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