eBay reveals its iPad 2 sales number & it’s HUGE!

eBay iPad 2 sales to international countries

Infographic from eBay regarding where iPad 2 are exported. Click to enlarge. (Credit: eBay)

Incredible. 12, 000++ iPad 2s have been sold in eBay roughly one month after the launch of iPad 2. While Apple is still not saying anything about the official numbers of iPad 2 sold since its launch in March 2011 eBay has release the infographic above about the total sales that eBay has sold.

This year saw an increase of inside US sales (65% for 2011) compared to last year’s 30%. Russia and France shared the second spot with roughly 500++ iPad 2. Following closely are Hong Kong, Japan and United Kingdom which import roughly 350++ iPad 2. Even our country, Malaysia is mentioned in the infographic, importing roughly 100++ iPad 2.

Many are willing to pay a premium roughly US$198 to US$406 just to get iPad 2 first instead of waiting to buy iPad 2 from Apple or before the launch of iPad 2 in their countries. This is really crazy. 🙂

The most popular iPad 2 models are from the two ends. iPad 2 16 GB WiFi model makes up to 30% of the total sales and ipad 2 64GB WiFi + 3G model makes up to 23% of the total sales.

eBay iPad 1 sales to international countries

Infographic from eBay regarding where iPad 1 are exported. Click to enlarge. (Credit: eBay)

So, back to the main issue. Apple, please let us know the exact date of iPad 2 launch date/release date! I need to book my flight tickets!!!

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