Apple Store Online Ordering for iPad 2 is available for Australia & New Zealand!!!

iPad 2 price in New Zealand

Price for iPad 2 models in New Zealand.

Now Apple fanboys and fangirls in Australia & New Zealand can purchase iPad 2 online through their countries’ Apple websites.

Even though Australia & New Zealand are the first two international countries to have iPad 2 sales online, potential customers might be setback by the 2-3 weeks shipping estimates. Apple certainly is able to ship iPad 2 earlier than the shipping estimates but Apple doesn’t want to over promise but under deliver.

Apple has seperate distribution chains for its Northern America, Europe, and Asian markets. The shipping estimates for each market is different. So, let’ see what is the shipping estimates for European market.

At the mean time, let’s have a look of the prices of all iPad 2 models in Australia and New Zealand.

Prices for all iPad 2 models in Australia:

iPad 2 16GB – Wi-Fi A$579.00 (roughly RM1,765)

iPad 2 32GB – Wi-Fi A$689.00 (roughly RM2,101)

iPad 2 64GB – Wi-Fi A$799.00 (roughly RM2,436)

iPad 2 16GB – Wi-Fi + 3G A$729.00 (roughly RM2,223)

iPad 2 32GB – Wi-Fi + 3G A$839.00 (roughly RM2,558)

iPad 2 64GB – Wi-Fi + 3G A$949.00 (roughly RM2,894)

Prices for all iPad 2 models in New Zealand:

iPad 2 16GB – Wi-Fi NZ$ 799.00 (roughly RM1,829)

iPad 2 32GB – Wi-Fi NZ$ 949.00 (roughly RM2,172)

iPad 2 64GB – Wi-Fi NZ$ 1,099.00 (roughly RM2,515)

iPad 2 16GB – Wi-Fi + 3G NZ$ 998.00 (roughly RM2,284)

iPad 2 32GB – Wi-Fi + 3G NZ$ 1,149.00 (roughly RM2,630)

iPad 2 64GB – Wi-Fi + 3G NZ$ 1,289.00 (roughly RM2,950)

All prices of iPad 2 models are converted using XE Currency Converter and do not reflect conversion value.

There’s a slight difference of RM56 – RM79 between Australia & New Zealand prices of iPad 2 models. If you can’t wait for the launch of iPad 2 in Singapore, then I suggest that you buy if from Australia. At least it’s cheaper. Moreover, you have a 10% GST refund if you leave the country in a certain period of time.

When will Apple announce the launching of iPad 2 in Singapore? I can’t wait to go down to Singapore to have my iPad 2. After that, when will Apple announce the official launching of iPad 2 in Malaysia?


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  1. Donny says:

    Hi khor,
    I love ipad… nice blog,will come here to see more updates..

  2. johnkhor says:

    No problem. You have a nice blog too. Yeah. I LOVE iPad 2!!! I might be going to Singapore to buy iPad 2. I wonder how much iPad 2 will cost in Singapore?

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