Another rumored design of iPhone 5?

This rumor comes from

This time, engaged a design company, Ciccaresdesign to help design the predicted iPhone 5 design based the rumored iPhone 5 casing.

Here are the designs:

iPhone 5 rumored design 2

The design company that designed this iPhone 5 rendering followed the measurement of the rumored iPhone 5 casing and put in 3D modelling.

iPhone 5 rumored design 5 iPhone 5 rumored design 4 iPhone 5 rumored design 3 iPhone 5 rumored design 1
I really liked what I have seen here. The design is quite like the miniature size of iPad 2. 🙂 It’s quite possible that Apple’s iPhone 5 will be like this but still I keep my fingers crossed because there might be any changes in last minutes.

Well, we still have less than a month before we know the truth. September 7 2011. I am waiting for you anxiously. 🙂

Actually I am quite impressed with Samsung Galaxy S 2 and I want to make a comparison between Samsung Galaxy S 2 and iPhone 5 before I decide. I just can’t wait for so long but I don’t want to regret my decision. 🙂

What’s your say?

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2 Responses

  1. Bagitau says:

    the design looks nice.

  2. johnkhor says:

    Yeah. I like the design too, Hopefully when it’s launched, it’s something like that or better.

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