Angry Birds Space is OUT!!!

Angry Birds Space

Meet the Flockers and I thought of Meet the Fockers. 😛

Angry Birds Space is now officially available after so much hoo-haa in the Internet. This is probably by far the biggest and most expensive marketing campaign for a mobile game. Rovio Mobile even go to the extreme by having Don Pettit, a NASA flight engineer to demo Angry Bird Space game in the International Space Station, about 243 miles above Earth. How I wish that they bring the whole Angry Birds family into space. That would be spacey-awesome.

Angry Birds Space is launched on 22nd March 2012. It offers a new gameplay where Rovio enhances its original gameplay with a new method which is gravitational fields. It will affects the way the birds fly and also the trajectory of the birds. It’s definitely exciting and I am really looking forward to play it.

For more information about Angry Bird Space, click here for Rovio mobile’s official website. The website has the gravitational feel. 🙂

Here are the links for Angry Bird Space (ABS) download:

iPhone/iPod Touch US$0.99

iPad US$2.99 [Supports Retina Display for the new iPad (iPad 3)]

Android Free with ads

Amazon Kindle Fire US$2.99

PC US$4.99

I read AngryBirds tweets and they gave out a few codes for PC Angry Bird Space. Just download the demo version and redeem the full version with these codes: TZGQ-RMTP-SCSK-ZHKD or ZGJX-PTHV-XSFX-FVHB or SPNV-THSK-KLCK-LHFM. I am not sure it works or not. Just give it a try and let me if it works.

Mac US$4.99

Here are the promotional video for Angry Bird Space and the video of Don Pettit demonstrates Angry Bird Space.

What’s your say? Ca-caww!!!

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