Angry Birds Seasons Update: Year of the Dragon!!!

Angry Birds Seasons Year of the Dragon CNY

Angry Bird fans, 23rd of January 2012 marks the start of the Year of Dragon according to the Chinese 12-zodiacs year cycle and Rovio has something for you. There’s a new update for your Angry Birds Seasons!!! It’s called the Year of Dragon.

In this Year of Dragon update, expect a lot of fireworks, red envelopes (hung pao in Mandarin), lanterns and Chinese knots to match with Year of Dragon theme.

The Mighty Eagle also gets a makeover. It will become Mighty Dragon in this Angry Birds Season: Year of Dragon. And Rovio will be giving this Mighty Dragon for FREE as a Chinese New Year gift to iOS, Android and Symbian^3 users. YEAH!!! Dragonize the pigs!!! Haha 🙂

The update is currently only available for iOS and Android. The update for Mac, PC and Symbian^3 will be coming soon.

The Rovio team even comes up with an animation for this Angry Birds Seasons: Year of Dragon. Here’s the video:

With Mooncake Festival and Year of Dragon, it looks like Rovio is trying very hard to capture the China market, the biggest market in the world. Keep it up!

Download Angry Birds Seasons: Year of Dragon for each OS:

For Android, click here.

For iOS, click here.

For Symbian^3, click here.

For Mac, click here.

For PC, click here

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