A world of glasses and touchscreens in the future?

The Future with Touchscreens by Corningware.

Let’s enjoy a video of the future that is not so distant to offset your Monday blues.


Impressed? I am speechless. I really hope that these kind of technologies will become reality during my lifetime.

Touchscreen has become the norm and no longer a technology that some geniuses or geeks get to enjoy.

Sometimes, I also mistakenly pinch and zoom my Nikon D7000 LCD screen or my computer screen. Come on, I bet you do that sometimes, right? The touchscreen technology is so easy and convenient.

Touchscreen technology is going to stay for a long long time. Hope that more industries will apply touchscreen technology.

Nowadays, my girlfriend’s parents handphones are all touchscreen handphones. Her whole family are using touchscreen handphones.

How many of your parents have touchscreen phones? Please leave comment. 🙂

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    Thank you for the compliment. Will give you more great information.

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