A Beautifully Done iPhone 5 Concept Phone!!!

6 more days before the rumored iPhone 5 launch.

Well, since we have some time, let’s enjoy a video about concept iPhone 5 made by Aatma Studio.

Paper-thin iPhone with laser keyboard and a built-in pico projector. This is really amazing.

If Apple is able to pull off this kind of technology, its sales of iPhone will shoot off the roof. Although we won’t be able to see these kinds of technologies yet, still it’s a good direction to head to. 🙂

Keep on dreamin’ 🙂

What’s your say?

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5 Responses

  1. Richardling says:

    incredible! anticipating for iP5 now.

  2. Tho Nai Ken says:

    yeng ! bt hw come there isnt any news abt the launching yet har ?

  3. John Khor says:

    Not yet. Maybe two more days.

  4. Tho Nai Ken says:

    oh ok, thx, haha.

  5. johnkhor says:

    Yeah. Me too. 🙂

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