Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch Launching in Malaysia on 20 August 2011!!!

Yup. After delay and delay, disappointment and disappointment, finally it’s official that Samsung will launch Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch on 20th August 2011 with Celcom as its telco partner.

Celcom & Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch launch date

Still there’s nothing about the price yet and what kind of promotion will Samsung & Celcom give to its early buyers. So, stay tuned and I will update if there’s any news about it.

I am very excited about this tablet as it’s really a game changer tablet and I can’t wait to play with it to get a taste of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch. 🙂

What’s your say?


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1 Response

  1. Shennie says:

    It is 499CDN for the 16GB one. The release date here is 26 Aug, even later than M’sia. :-/

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