Maxis is offering HTC Sensation from as low as RM1,399!

Maxis offers HTC Sensation in Malaysia

On the day of the launching of Samsung Galaxy S II, Maxis also launched HTC’s most powerful smartphone, HTC Sensation. You can get HTC Sensation at RM1,399 with 1.5GB/3GB data plan on a 24-months contract or Rm1,599 with 500MB data plan on a 24 months contract. It seems that Maxis are more biased towards Samsung Galaxy S II with its grand launch and the discounts that they are offering.

DiGi also offered HTC Sensation on the same day as Maxis. With 24-months contract, HTC is sold at RM1,399 and RM1,699 for 12-months contract.

DiGi Smart Plan HTC Sensation

Which one telco operator should you choose if you are interested in HTC Sensation?

I suggest that you take DiGi if you are living in Penang. Why? Based on my own experience, DiGi 3G and EDGE speed is way faster than Maxis. Sometimes, at certain location, DiGi’s EDGE is even faster than Maxis.

And DiGi don’t charge you extra if you passed their quota. For other areas, I am really sorry that I cannot give any comments because I never tried it at other areas. Please ask among your friends regarding the speed of the 3G for both telcos. 🙂

If you are interested to know more about Maxis offerings, head on to their Android page. For DiGi, click here.

What’s your say? Samsung Galaxy S II or HTC Sensation?

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