Cut the Rope is available for Android OS!!!

Cut the Rope Android OS

Good news for Android users!!! Another very popular game from iOS platform has come to Andriod. What is the game? Cut the Rope!

It’s a very addictive game besides Angry Birds. Basically, you need to cut the ropes to drop the candy for a creature called Om Nom. It’s created by ZeptoLabs. It’s totally free but it’s ad-supported. 🙁

To download the game, you must first download GetJar app first. Click here to start downloading.

What’s your say?

3 Responses

  1. Calvyn Lee says:

    this one not in the market rite…

  2. John Khor says:

    Yup. You need to download GetJar app 1st.

  3. Calvyn Lee says:

    the website don hv QR code… a bit difficult

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