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johnkhor777 @ www.johnkhor.com in Guang Ming Daily newspaper Penang Blogfest Asia 2010 4

www.johnkhor.com @ John Khor in Guang Ming Daily Newspaper

Yeah!!! This is my first time in newspaper with a big picture in the newspaper. Yeah, I say big picture because I don’t always have a chance to be featured in newspaper right?

I am the 2nd runner-up of this Let’s Blog Penang contest. And the prize is RM500. Cool, right? And the whole post took me around 1 1/2 hours to write and upload the pictures and another 1/2 hour to touch up the whole post. And the best part, I did it at the last minute of blog registration. Whew… I am so lucky. Thanks to the judges, BlogFest Asia 2010 and Ministry ofTourism Malaysia.