We Rule – Latest iPhone Game Craze

After GodFinger, now it’s We Rule. ngmoco:). Yes, you practically ruled my girlfriend’s time until she doesn’t have time for me… HuuHuu… ;(

iPhone game - We Rule screen logo

A great game from ngmoco:) – We Rule

This latest iPhone game, We Rule is developed by ngmoco & New Toy. The game is about kingdom building and social interactivity.

It’s actually a simple game where you farm and harvest corps, build houses and shops and rule your kingdom. The game is kinda easy to play but requires your attention from time to time.

Some say its like a medieval version of the popular Facebook Farmville. I kinda of agree too.

We Rule game is so popular that there are some apps about how to cheat in We Rule or some tips on how to play better We Rule iPhone game. Check it out in your Apple Apps Store.

Anyhow, I suggest that you try out this game and be prepared to lose some hours of sleep or being nagged for not paying more attention to your partner. Haha.


Any other games that you enjoy playing in your iPhone?

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‘We Rule’ for iPhone: Gameplay Walkthrough and Tips

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We Rule is developed by Ngmoco and New Toy and is a great Kingdom building, social interactive game. The game play is simple you farm and harvest crops, build shops and houses and rule your own kingdom. The game is relatively easy to play but here is a detailed run through and tips to help you along.

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