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LG Optimus 2X @ Malaysia, Celcom 3

LG Optimus 2X Available In Malaysia NOW!!!

Yeah. You saw it. The first dual-core Android smartphone to arrive in Malaysia. 🙂 Coincide with the F1 fever in Malaysia at the weekend, LG is launching this smartphone at Sepang International Circuit.

Japan 2011 April 7, 7.1 earthquake location 0

Another 7.1 earthquake hits Japan around 10:30pm Malaysian Time (GMT +8) April 7, 2011!!!

Another earthquake has struck Japan while I was clearing my letters and updating my blog. It was measured 7.4 at first and later US Geological Survey (USGS) revised it to 7.1.

This is indeed a sad story to be heard. I believe this will become the headline again tomorrow morning in all our major dailies. Japan, what is happening to you actually?


iPad 2 launching in Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong on April 22, 2011?

Yeah. I was looking in the Internet for the launching date of iPad 2 in Singapore when I found out that iPad 2 might be released in Singapore on April 25, 2011.

Previously, Apple has mentioned that iPad 2 will be launched in other international countries, which include Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea somewhere in April 2011 after the launching of iPad 2 in the first 25 countries.

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