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Motorola Xoom 3G out in Malaysia 0

Motorola Xoom 3G Is Available in Malaysia & Price is RM2,599!!!

According to IMCC website, Motorola Xoom 3G is already available for order. And the price is RM2,599. RM500 more expensive than Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi only. Does the RM500 justify the need to have 3G connection on the go?

For me, I will sugggest you to subscribe to Yes 4G (RM68 valuepack) and get its Yes Huddle (RM399) and you still get RM33 back. (RM500 – RM399 – RM68 = RM33). You can treat me for makan(food) with that extra RM33. Better Internet speed than 3G and you can let maximum 5 people to connect to Internet and without draining your tablet’s battery. Wi-Fi doesn’t consume more battery juice than 3G.

Maxis Samsung Galaxy S II Data Plan 1

Maxis to offer Samsung Galaxy S II at RM799!!!

Yup. You read it right! RM799 only. But you are a seasoned consumer in this telecommunications field, right? You won’t think that you will get it at RM799 only without contract, right? Yeah, to get Samsung Galaxy S II at this price you need to sign a 24-month contract of 3GB data plan with Maxis.

Samsung Galaxy S II Price Malaysia 6

Samsung Galaxy S II Malaysia for RM2099!!!

The price for Samsung Galaxy S II (SGS2) in the grey market has dropped a lot ever since Samsung Galaxy S II is confirmed to launch next week. From RM2,599, the price of SGS2 has dropped to RM2,099. Does this indicate that the official Samsung Galaxy S II will be RM2,099? It should be somewhere around there since HTC Sensation is priced at RM2,299.

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