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My YES 4G Experience in Penang!!!

I have been testing the speed of Yes 4G in various location in Penang. Here are the list of locations that I have tested in Penang. If you have any places that you wish...

Cut the Rope Android OS 3

Cut the Rope is available for Android OS!!!

Good news for Android users!!! Another very popular game from iOS platform has come to Andriod. What is the game? Cut the Rope!

It’s a very addictive game besides Angry Birds. Basically, you need to cut the ropes to drop the candy for a creature called Om Nom. It’s created by ZeptoLabs. It’s totally free but it’s ad-supported. 🙁

Girl willing to sell her virginity for iPhone 4 2

Girl sells her virginity online for white iPhone 4!!!

Things are getting out control nowadays! Last we heard was a boy who sold one of his kidneys just to get an iPad 2 and now, a girl who are selling her virginity for an iPhone 4. Materialism at its best!

iPhone 4 is still a phone and does it worth that much as your virginity? Head on for the whole story:

The rumored iPhone 5 design 6

Bloomberg: iPhone 5 coming this September 2011 & iPad 3 in progress!

Bloomberg reaffirms the rumors that iPhone 5 is coming this September 2011. Based on a source close to Apple, iPhone 5 will pack A5 processor chp, the same used in iPad 2 and a 8MP camera.

iPad 3 with a higher resolution is also in work and is rumored to have the Retina display like iPhone 4. The upcoming iPhone 5 will be running the iOS 5, previously previewed at Apple’s WWDC 2011 event.

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