My Mozilla Firefox cannot open new tab!!!

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  1. Steve h says:

    This fix worked for me! Thanks so much. 3/11/2011

  2. johnkhor says:

    Thanks. Just sharing the solution to the problems that troubles me.

  3. puiyee says:

    solved my problem, thank you so much!
    the Ask toolbar is annoying, i unchecked the box not to install it, but it’s still installed in my pc, zzzz

  4. johnkhor says:

    Glad to hear that this solved your problem. :-) That’s what big companies usually do to increase their market capitalization. :-(

  5. Ђенерал says:

    Now it works- after uninstall ask toolbar! Thank you for advice.

  6. pammy says:

    Thank you, it worked for me too, but I found mine on my add ons and uninstalled it from there. It was getting annoying not being able to use my tabs.

  7. johnkhor says:

    No problem. Glad to be able to help you!

  8. johnkhor says:

    Yeah. Thanks for sharing new info. Yeah, we can’t live without tabs now with the invention of broadband.

  9. Borshon says:

    Thanks for your help. For you, i fixed this problem very quickly. hope you continue you good jobs

  10. Gwynhafra says:

    I initially thought it was due to updating Firefox, but I didn’t think the solution was actually this simple. Thanks for mentioning it.

  11. johnkhor says:

    @borshon: Thanks for the compliment. This kind of comment really makes my day. Thanks. Glad that I can be of help.

  12. johnkhor says:

    @gwynhafra: thanks for commenting. Glad to be able to help you. :)

  13. Thanks! I’ve uninstalled the ask toolbar. I couldn’t find the “option” menu on the toolbar though, so I just went to control panel and uninstall it directly. Thanks, I was thinking to looking for Firefox update or something. This ask toolbar is so irritating.

  14. johnkhor says:

    Glad that I can help!!! Thanks!

  15. Cqty287 says:


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