Clash of the Titans: YES 4G vs Maxis vs Digi vs Celcom vs U Mobile

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  1. YSLim says:

    Is true that when the data usage goes up, the price will be expensive.
    One thing compare to other providers is it didnt come with a “LIMIT”of how much it would charge. Some like others maxis or celcom, that’s the monthly amount it charge monthly, but they would cap the speed once you reach your bandwidth limit.

    Just that if the speed like what they claimed, 5x faster than 3g, then user might exceeded using it to download without noticed their bandwidth usage.

  2. johnkhor says:

    Indeed, if you compared to the prices of other telcos. It’s very expensive if you are a heavy user.

    YES 4G doesn’t have a limit because it’s a Pay-As-You-Use method, unlike existing method where you pay the subscription fees. So, YES 4G will not limit you but your pocket will limit you. :-) For Maxis, Digi, Celcom and P1, they have to limit you because their method is subscription-based. The more you use, the more the telcos have to pay.

    You will never exceed the bandwidth usage because you can only use up to the maximum data based on your credits. So, reload wisely.

    Hopefully, this answers you questions. IF you still have any questions, feel free to ask.

    So, as a conclusion, YTL’s YES 4G is very suitable for light-medium users. It’s really cheap compared to Maxis, Digi, Celcom or PI as shown on the comparison table above.

  3. johnkhor says:

    Wow.. This is superb. YES 4G is really 3-5X faster than 3G. Incredile. Thanks for your sharing.

  4. samsidhu says:

    Can anyone advise on digi’s new offer of blackberry torch?also where can i get an authorised dealer of apple iphone 4 in kl…tks guys,lot’s of info here

  5. mcdamia says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the minimum spend per month is RM 30 on YES, irrespective of how little you use.

  6. johnkhor says:

    Very true. YTL’s YES 4G even advertised as having no contract or monthly commitment. That makes us feeling bad. Anyhow, this is Malaysian standard and we can only accept as it is and make the best out of it. It’s really cheap for light users like me.

  7. ran says:

    i beg to differ.
    “The more you use, the more the telcos have to pay.”
    currently working in telco for 5years now,i have to say u’r wrong regarding this. telco operator pay for every radio & transmission served.
    eg: 1 radio for for gsm 1800 can serve 8 user. if u’r the 9th user,thats when u get network busy. for 3G almost the same but not limited to user, its limited to capacity..let say 1 3G radio serve 10mbps,thats it. if ur the only user that time + u’r location near the tower, thats when u get what u pay. if not, let say 50 user at 1 small area, u’r 1 of unsatisfied user (10mbps / 50users = 200kbps) 😀
    hope i simple explanation help.
    p/s: those capacity/user per radio not accurate.its depends on brand/model.

  8. ran says:

    err..sorry. i forgot the main point 😛
    main point is,each ‘site’ or tower u see have minimum 1 radio per sector. 99% sites around malaysia have 3 sectors each. so, whether u use or not,this telco will have to pay for that. even if u use more, they still have to pay the same amount unless they upgrade their radio.

  9. johnkhor says:

    I am not a fan of Blackberry, so I can’t give you any advice. You can get iPhone 4 from Maxis, Digi or Switch, the authorised reseller of iPhone. The resellers are mostly in every major shopping malls in KL.

  10. johnkhor says:

    Ya. After recheck, it’s my bad. Sorry. It’s supposed to mean that they throttle our speed because they want to prevent us from using too much of their allocated capacity, not getting expensive.

  11. tk says:

    Stumbled upon this blog when I was searching for some reviews on YES broadband.
    Speed is important, but most importantly is, how ‘steady’ the connection is? I am using Celcom, and at my condo, connection can be bad, in the sense that it gets disconnected every 3 min or so. Ive tried using it in other places, some are very fast, but most of it, gets dc every now and then. I heard the same goes for Maxis, Digi and P1 too.

    Can any YES users give a review on how is the performance of YES 3g in tems of stability? TQ

  12. johnkhor says:

    I have personally tried Maxis broadband a few years ago. Very bad especially in apartments. I am now using P1 Wimax at home. Connection is quite ok but sometimes it’s quite slow also. What I hear is that YES 4G does lives up to their claims. It’s very fast. You can test one before subscribing.

  13. BangMo says:

    Stumbled across this site. YES is fast now because not many people are using them. Once they pick up with the sales, it will be the same like others.

  14. johnkhor says:

    Yeah. I shared this sentiment also. During my recent participation in Yes 4G event, YTL Comms CEO Wing said that they have 2500++ base stations in the whole of Malaysia. Up to now, they have just deployed 1000++ base stations and they still have 1500++ standby to avoid the issue. Still, now Yes 4G is still a good alternative to your other mobile Internet. Should give it a try. You will be amazed.

  15. David says:

    My house have stable 13Mbps download and 3Mbps upload for the pass few month till now.(Selangor)

  16. johnkhor says:

    Holy shit!!! That’s a super-duper great speed!!! I am really amazed. I am staying in condominium, high rise. So, the signal is not so good but still the speed is around 1-2MBps for download. I forgot about the upload already. :-)

  17. Leongwhg says:

    Same as me, connection speed around 8~10Mbps for download, and Upload around 2~4Mbps. Area : Segambut Kuala Lumpur.

  18. mk says:

    Anyone has fully tested yes4g when comes to download movies n mp3 compare to streamyx or unifi would appreciate w test results.

  19. I did a rather crude comparison of Yes Against Unifi in terms of the connection speeds. Yes is faster than a standard 5Mbps Unifi connection, but not by much. Read more here:

  20. Nabilah Rahman says:

    can anyone please explain to me how does YES works? like Celcom, i understand that we have to pay ie; rm68/month, fix. no extra charge. how about YES?

  21. M. Sitandra says:

    I signed up for the 4GB @ RM68 with the Huddle. Total was RM350 yest. I turned on my Huddle , then spent 5 hours on YouTube and now I am down to just 2.8GB. Oh shit! I wished I had signed up for the RM98 for 6GB.

  22. johnkhor says:

    Yup. Fast speed means more usage without any notice. Well, is yours a contract? If it’s a contract, then you have to wait until your contract is over or you can contact YesCare to ask for an upgrade of your plan. Hope this helps.

  23. noriah md isa says:

    broadband YES saya langsung tak dapat di gunakan,kerana kawasan rumah saya tak ada coverage.bila saya nak batalkan perjanjian saya diminta membayar keseluhuran bil selama setahun mengikut kontrak.Adilkah buat saya? dan saya amat rasa tertipu dengan package yang merugikan pengguna.Percayalah saya akan menuntut hak saya sebagai pengguna hingga saya rasa keadilan dapat di berikan pada saya;

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