Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore iPad 2 Launch Time Confirmed!!! What about Malaysia iPad 2 Launch Date???

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20 Responses

  1. Isaac Yap says:

    may i know around which date it will be launch ? end of the month of april or ?

  2. johnkhor says:

    iPad 2 will launch in Singapore, Hong Kong & Korea in the third or fourth week of April 2011.

  3. sked says:

    any idea on the China launch?

  4. azrin says:

    still a long way to go

  5. johnkhor says:

    yeah… it’s really a long long way to go. I can’t wait for Apple’s announcement for Singapore’s iPad 2 launch.

  6. johnkhor says:

    Nope. I will check it out. Stay tuned.

  7. Darren Cheong says:

    I noticed in one announcement I read, the one that talks about the 2nd batch of international release..

    It says.. bla bla bla.. AND additional countries..

    so maybe Malaysia is perhaps considered as an “additional” heh.

  8. johnkhor says:

    Yeah… additional countries has been mentioned in Apple’s press release. Hopefully, Malaysia is in the list too. I might be going down to SIngapore to buy iPad 2. Waiting for Apple’s announcement on iPad 2 launch in Singapore.

  9. elsa rances says:

    How about the release date in taiwan and how much is an iPad2 with wifi cost?

  10. azrin says:

    hey, i heard from some source that ipad2 cannot jailbreak. is it true??

  11. Choybuts says:


    i just bought ipad2 last march 11 at US and bring it back home to Phi..
    ipad 2 was awsome, but there are some sad reason that my ipad2 need to be replaced
    by Apple. so but i have to Wait till they launch it here in asia, so they can replace it due to hardware defect or malfunction

    But still ipad2 is awsome..

  12. johnkhor says:

    Hopefully Taiwan is also in the list of the 2nd international market iPad 2 release. Apple did mention that iPad 2 will be launch in ‘additional countries’. iPad 2 price should be around NT$15,000 in Taiwan.

  13. johnkhor says:

    Congratulations for your iPad 2 purchase. So nice of you to be able to buy direct from US. You must be one of the 1st few Philippines in Philippine to own iPad 2.
    I believe that your display has back light leakage/bleeding right? That’s what most 1st batch iPad 2 owners complain about their iPad 2. Either yellow tint or backlight bleeding. Sad to hear about that. Never mind. Use it first and wait for the launch of iPad 2 in Singapore.

  14. Choybuts says:

    thank you for your comment, apple Promised that they will replace my ipad2..

    anways for my review to this new ipad2, theres not much more different in terms of look,

    its just thinner and more lightwgt. but the camera at the back front are more responsive

    and sharp compared to ipod touch4th gen. The Sounds i more cleare and stronger than the ipad 1. Its much faster to sync and backup.

    Face time is my favorite, its clear and voice has no Logging..

    Even my ipad break at 1 1/2week time its still pretty awsome..

    hope the new ipad2 arrives in asia as soon as possible..

  15. johnkhor says:

    @choybuts: Hey, thanks for such a lengthy review. Really appreciated that. Hope to get my own iPad 2..

  16. john says:

    THe sources are bogus! it didnt happen till date… its really getting to my nerves, come on already!

  17. Joanne says:

    When ipad2 will be launching in Singapore?
    When ipad2 will be launching in Malaysia?
    How much will it cost?

  18. johnkhor says:

    @John: April 22, 2011 is bogus. But Tim Cook Apple’s temporary CEO has announced last week that iPad 2 will launch in Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea + 10 more countries(Malaysia is included… :-)) end of April 2011 which I believe will be on Friday, April 29, 2011. Mark down that day!

  19. johnkhor says:

    @Joanne: Pls refer to my latest post about Apple iPad 2 launch date in Malaysia and iPad 2 price in Malaysia. It’a rumored that iPad 2 will launch in Malaysia the same day iPad 2 will launch in Singapore which is on Friday, April 29, 2011.

  20. john says:

    @johnkhor… I’ll mark that day. Could you shed some light sharing that Tim Cook’s announcement.. it might be a feeble help until i go hands on though.. thankx!

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