Bloomberg: iPhone 5 coming this September 2011 & iPad 3 in progress!

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6 Responses

  1. Aery Goh says:

    Advocate user!

  2. John Khor says:

    Haha!!! Me too. Now I am 80% iPhone 5 and 20% Samsung Galaxy S II. I am also not sure why but SGS2 quite tempting

  3. Aery Goh says:

    maybe i will go for iphone 5 instead of galaxy SII

  4. John Khor says:

    iPhone 5 is a very matured phone from Apple. All the specs and software is really worth the $$$. Now the main issue will be how much iPhone 5 will be in Malaysia. SGSII is quite cheap compared to iPhone 4 although SGSII video function is bad compared to iPhone 4.

  5. Aery Goh says:

    r u considering buying a handphone?

  6. John Khor says:

    yeah. I have been planning to buy iPhone 4 since its launch but I don’t want a faulty phone. So, I waited for iPhone 5 instead. Then Android catched up! Makes me 3 hearts 2 opinions :)

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