Samsung Galaxy S II Malaysia for RM2099!!!

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6 Responses

  1. lampu_ajaib says:

    RM2100..16GB or 32GB?

  2. Pussymama says:

    asshole…….like u dont know….of course 16gb la….where got 32gb for malaysia market…!!!

  3. Yoyo says:

    fuck u la bitch

  4. Mynameisyugaztheconman says:

    2000+ my ass!its way cheaper now 1.7k

  5. johnkhor says:

    Yes, your ass is quite dumb. This is the price when SGS2 was launched. Certainly after a while with more smartphones coming up, Samsung has reduced SGS2 price.

  6. During end of Sept, retail price for the Samsung Galaxy S II has dropped from RM2,099 to RM1,899. It’s definitely the best iPhone 4S alternative at the moment.

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