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[REVIEW] Sonic Gear AirPhone III & V (5) 2

[REVIEW] Sonic Gear AirPhone III & V! received a parcel from Sonic Gear recently. Guess what’s in the box? I think the words on the packaging already gives out the answer! Yes, is honoured to be given another chance by Sonic Gear to review their products. Click here for my previous review of their Bluetooth speakers. This time, will be reviewing their their wireless aka Bluetooth headphones which are Sonic Gear AirPhone III and Sonic Gear AirPhone V.

Experiencing TUMI for the 1st Time (1) 0

Experiencing TUMI for the 1st Time! has the privilege to review one of TUMI’s famous line of luggage, The Alpha2 Collection. Before I dwell into the technical aspects of the luggage, let’s go through the history of TUMI for those of you who are not familiar with the brand.

Find Out Your Inner Hero (1) 0

Having ‘Bedroom’ Problems??? Check out BE BRAVE Campaign by A. Menarini!!! was approached by an agency to blog about a ‘bedroom’ issue which I believe many will think of ‘mati pucuk’ (male impotence in Malay language) or in a more scientific term, erectile dysfunction. It is not about erectile dysfunction but another more prevalent ‘bedroom’ issue that affects even more men or to be exact 1 in 3 men in across Asia Pacific [1]. That issue is called as premature ejaculation (PE). I was hesitant at first and finally I decided to blog about it since it might be helpful to my readers and serves as a community service to my readers.

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